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Founded in 1998, the South Country Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to improving educational opportunities for all students in the South Country Central School District. The mission of the Foundation is to promote and enhance educational initiatives by providing supplemental financial support for projects and programs that are outside the South Country school budget.

Since our founding, we have granted over $1,000,000 to teachers, administrators, students and community groups in our district who have come to us with their innovative and creative ideas. Funding for these grants comes from generous donations to the foundation by community members, alumni and local nonprofits as well as from the proceeds of our annual cocktail party and auction.

SCEF Education Grant Cycles – Applications Due by October 14, 2022

South Country Education FoundationThis year the foundation will make project grants available to not-for-profit institutions, professional staff, and students in the areas of: Curriculum Development, Creative Teaching Initiatives, Educational Equipment, Specific Projects/Independent Study, Fellowships, Teacher Recognition, Special Assemblies/Guest Speakers, Exchange Program Sponsorships, Visiting Artists/Authors, and Artists/Academicians in Residence.

Grant applications will be considered only where funding is beyond that which the South Country Board of Education would ordinarily have the power to fund. SCEF encourages creative and innovative initiatives/grants. Currently, we offer only one grant cycle per year. If additional funds become available to us, we may add a grant cycle but nothing is planned at this time.

Important Dates

August 15, 2022: Grant Applications Available

October 14, 2022: Grant Applications Due

October 28, 2022: Grant Winners Announced

Education Grant Application Documents

Education Grant Overview and Application Form

Request for Grant Disbursement of Funds Instructions and Form

SCEF Professional Development Grant – Application Information for Winter/Spring 2023 Coming Soon

This year, we are offering up to $5000 to one or more teachers to pursue professional development. This grant will be given only to individual teachers in grades Pre-K to 12 employed by the South Country Central School District. This grant is for participation in innovative professional development experiences such as summer institutes, foreign study, or regional, national or international conferences to name a few possibilities.

In an effort to reach as many teachers in our district as possible, we ask that only teachers who have not received a professional development grant to date apply for this year’s grant.

We recognize that professional development is one way teachers keep current with trends and best practices in the classroom. We want to help teachers in this district respond to the needs of their students and take part in professional development opportunities that will strengthen their skills and translate into stronger student achievement. We also want to offer our teachers an opportunity to dream big–to have an experience that will make a difference in the teacher’s professional life and one that will be passed on to South Country students.

Grant funds may be used for fees, travel expenses, books, or other materials that enable applicants to learn subject matter, instructional approaches and to develop skills. Grant recipients are required to share their experiences with their fellow educators and administrators in their schools, as well as with members of SCEF and the community. Our SCEF professional development grants may not be used to:

• pursue a degree
• pay salaries, stipends or grant administration fees
• pay registration fees or travel expenses for more than one person.

How to Apply for a Professional Development Grant

Applications for our next round of Professional Development Grants will be available in Winter/Spring 2023. Please hold all new submissions until then.

To apply for a Professional Development Grant, please download and fill out the following forms. Applications are to be submitted to the SCEF via email at

Professional Grant General Information Form

Professional Grant Application Form

Request for Grant Disbursement of Funds Instructions and Form


Student Summer Grants – Application Information for Summer 2023 Coming Soon

The South Country Education Foundation is offering student grants for summer study programs. This is available for high school and middle school students interested in science or environmental studies. Local programs may be found at Stony Brook University, Brookhaven Lab and other colleges nearby. Studies out of the area can also be considered.

The South Country Education Foundation, (SCEF) will pay fees only for the summer study programs. Once reviewed and approved, the foundation will pay the program fee directly to the educational institution.

Transportation and any other costs are the responsibility of the student.

How to Apply for a Student Summer Grant

Applications for our next round of Student Summer Grants will be available in Spring 2023. Please hold all new submissions until then.

For those students interested in applying, download and submit a Request to Apply and Parental Consent Form to the SCEF. Once eligible candidates are approved, they will be notified via email and then may apply.

The application fee will be refunded to the student upon acceptance into the program.

Within one week of a student being accepted to a program, we ask that a copy of their application and acceptance be mailed to SCEF at: South Country Education Foundation Inc., PO Box 512, Bellport, NY 11713.

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