South Country Education Foundation

Annual Cocktail Party & Auction

2021 Auction Party

Thank You! Thank You!

It is often said that it “takes a village” to raise a child. The board of the South Country Education Foundation, knows it takes more.

As we wrap up our major fund raising effort of the year –-our annual cocktail party and auction – we recognize ‘the village’ needs to have at its core a community that values public education and the young minds nurtured in classrooms supported by taxpayers.

The South Country community demonstrated that core belief on August 14 when hundreds showed up at the Bellport home of Chantal and Richard Berman, hosts of the fundraiser for the past 18 years.

They came to support visiting artists, master musicians in the classroom, field trips to Montauk Point for elementary students and many more special and innovative programs funded by the education foundation.

They came to applaud educators in the district who worked harder, longer and more innovatively to teach during a hybrid school year. The foundation supported programs with a special grant program geared to distance and in-school learning.

They came because, as in my case, they are products of public schools and recognize that if an ordinary day can become an extraordinary day, then why not?

To all who followed the invitations urging to “Meet Us by the Bay” in a year when there were so many reasons to want to meet with like minded folks and take in a spectacular view, we say: Thank you!


Robin Young Roe

Photos from Our 2021 Party

Photos from Our 2019 Party