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SCEF works tirelessly to make ordinary school days, extraordinary days. Be a part of our amazing, rewarding journey by making a tax-deductible donation to our organization! Click on the “Donate” button below to support us with an online donation.

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Thank You to Our Generous Donors

Thank you so much to our donors. Your gifts to the South Country Education Foundation have provided many educational opportunities to the students of the South Country School District. Please continue to support the students in the upcoming years. If you do not see your name and you did donate, please fee free to contact us through our website. Thank you again for your generosity!

2022 Donors

Amr Abdelaziz
Adesa Long Island
Lisa Anderson and Mark Rauch
Mr. Robert C Apfel C/O FCG Inc
Barbara Trujillo Collection
Deborah Schmidt Barkley
Fiona Bassett and JD Lury
Alain and Luisa Baume
Kerri Baylis
Bayport Flowerhouse
R.A Becker
Marie Bellini
Bellport Apothecary
Bellport Arts & Framing Studio
Bellport General
Bellport High School PTSA
Bellport Jewelers & Rarities
Bellport Middle School PTA
Bellport Student Volunteers
Bellport Teachers Association
Bellport Wine & Spirits
Dr. Richard and Chantal Berman
Oscar Berman
BHS Math Department
Thomas & Sherry Binnington
Sarah and Kyle Binnington
Brewport Coffee House
Briggs Property Management
Brookhaven Elementary
School PTA
Brookhaven Elementary Teachers
Gary and Lynn Brown
Alison Buck
Lauren Burbol
Cafe Castello
Kathryn Buck Cannella
Virginia Cayey
Madeline Celentano
Chachama Grill
Dr. Robert and Judy Chernaik
Michael and Michele Chiaramonte
Chris McCollum LMT
Pete Cisek
Ellen Clyne
Jean Coakley
Copper Beech
Robert Crowley
Mary Jane and Brian Cullen
Kathy and Tom Cullen
Gloria Cummings
Sue Daconto
Margit Dahl
Kathie and Rich Dallin
Deer Run Farms
Laney Derby
Jessica Dolber
Sara Dora
Susan Duffy
Tom and Fran Dunton
Early Girl Farm
Suzette Emma-Uzzi
Donna and Bob Esp
Andrea and Marty Fassman
Samantha Fassman
Cheryl Felice and Lorraine Kuehn
Craig and Melissa Fels
Michael Fink
Charles and Ellen Fishman
Barbara & Charles Flagg
Kim Fortunato
Joanna Fowler
Frank P. Long Teachers
Frank P. Long PTA
Rowen Frazer
David Freiman
Barbara Gallagher
Ralph Gallo
Courtney Gerard
Shannon Gibbons and Friends
Ed and Chris Gibbons
Claire Goad
Good Morning Bellport Flowers
Matthew Guerrero
Lauretta Haag
Gilbert and Barbara Halpin
Zahava Hartman
Joseph Hendrie
Roy Eddey & Joel Hershey
Ellen Hoffman and Andrew Budris
Richard and Susan Hornik
Tim Hupfer
Intrigue Salon
It’s Only Natural
Joan Kaelin
Ted Kamoutsis and
Mario Rodriguez
Roberta Karp
James Kelley
Knapp Swezey Foundation
Barbara Knowles
Mary Knowles and Chris Joinnides
Kreamer St. Teachers
Kreamer Street Elementary
School PTA
Kreb Cycle
Jonathan Kusa
Robin and Ed Lampert
Jennifer Larsen
Le Soir
Frank Lento
Pamela and Tom Lerner
Lizzie Fortunato Jewels
Long Island Advance
Consuelo and Thomas Ludlam
Scott Lundstrom
Mama Farm
Nancy Marr
Geof Marschall
Nicole May
Brian McCarthy
Riley McDonaugh
and Courtney Gibson
Louise and Brian McGuinness
John Millman and Ann Marks
Ben and Mary Mojallali
Mr. Pepe and the Bellport
Middle School Teachers
Michael and Hwasoon Mullaney
MVP Automotive
Bree and Craig Neurenberger
Nancy Norman
Christine Novelli
Louis Nunez,
Bellport Tennis Center
Thomas O’Brien
Thomas O’Brien and Dan Fink
Leslie and Paul O’Connor
Joanne and Jason O’Neil
Pamela Lerner Home & Design
Angelica and Clyde Parker
Stacey Patanjo
Carrie and Rob Paulson
Peter’s on the Green
Diane Pettit
Jane Quatrale
Laura Quatrochi
Ann and Robert Quinn
Alice Quinn
Grace Racaniello
Veljko Radeka
Guy and Sarah Rauch
Erin Rawitch
Red Barn Boutique
Barry and Debbie Rockwell
Pete and Robin Roe
John Roe
Christopher and Kerry Rohrmeier
Nathan Rohrmeier
Karl and Anne Rohrmeier
Isabella Rossellini
Mike Rupolo
Jim and Libby Ryan
Kathy Saladino
Mary Sanford
Sue Sangiamo
Antonio Santana
Justin Saper
Aline Schialdgn
Gary Schneider and John Erdman
Mandy Schnozeit
John Schwartz
Meg Shannon
Shelby’s Kitchen
Tatsuo and Terressea Shirane
Elizabeth Shreeve
Melinda Smith
David Smith & Ann Hayes
South Country Cleaners
Cheryl Steinhauer
Darcy and Alan Stevens
Sheldon and Florence Stiefield
Frances Stokes
Dava and John Stravinsky
Jangir Sultan
Summer Salt
Swezey Fuel Co., Inc.
Swiftway Beer and Soda
Claudia Taylor
Hans Tempel
Temperance Hall
Monica Tetuan
The Bellport Restaurant
The Cheese Patch
The Spa at Bellport
The Storefront
The Village Silversmith
Kara Thomas
Sava and Roger Thomas
Thomas Cornell Galleries
Karl Thorndike
Jim and Ceci Tripp
William & Patrcia Tunney
Carol Tvelia
Jim Uzzi
Jim Vaughan and Susan Kahn
Maureen Veitch
Verne W. Critz Teachers
Village of Bellport
Jennifer Vorbach
Myrle and Duane Wall
Mindy and Paul Warner
Eugene & Colette Westhoff
Graheme Williams and
Suzanne Smith
Lorraine Wood
Kerry Young
Roberta Young
Gary and Diane Zanazzi