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SCEF works tirelessly to make ordinary school days, extraordinary days. Be a part of our amazing, rewarding journey by making a tax-deductible donation to our organization! Click on the “Donate” button below to support us with an online donation.

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Thank You to Our Generous Donors

Thank you so much to our donors. Your gifts to the South Country Education Foundation have provided many educational opportunities to the students of the South Country School District. Please continue to support the students in the upcoming years. If you do not see your name and you did donate, please fee free to contact us through our website. Thank you again for your generosity!

2019 Donors

Kent and Connie Adee
Marie Alataris and Vishaan Chakrabarti
Lisa Anderson and Marc Rauch
Jack and Barbara Antos
Rita Auerbach
Devin Auricchio
Avino’s Italian Table
Scott and Christine Barden
Bob and Deborah Barkley
Bayport Flower House
Ruth A. Becker
Belle Shear
Marie Bellini
Bellport Cold Beer and Soda
Bellport High School Math Teachers
Bellport High School Teachers
Bellport Middle School Teachers
Louis Nunez, Bellport Tennis Center
Dr. Richard and Chantal Berman
Herbert and Frances Bernstein
Icilio Bianchi
Briggs Property Management
Brookhaven Elementary School Teachers
Gary Brown
Gary, Lynn, and Nicole Brown
Dana Buchman and Tom Farber
Alison Buck
Maddy Budris
Andrew Budris and Ellen Hoffman
Café Costello
Café Gia
Claire Cannella
Clayton Cannella
Leslie Carroll and Michael Young
Virginia and James Cayey
Madeline Celentano
Chachama Grill
Dr. Robert and Judy Chernaik
Joseph and Laura Cipp
Pete Cisek
Ellen Clyne and Reinhardt Schuhmann
Jean Coakley
Shaliq Cochran
Anita Cohen and Martin Van Lith
Copper Beech
Cradle of Aviation
Creative Ministries Performing Arts Center
Robert and Marguerite Crowley
Brian and Mary Jane Cullen
Jackie Cullen
Susan and Leonard Daconto
Ursula Day
Deer Run Farms
Dan Derby
John Dietz
John DiNaro
Carly Diolosa
Abbey Dumas
Colin Dumas
Mary Durhan
David Ebner
Egan Orthodontics
Suzette Emma-Fandale
Bob and Donna Esp
Virginia Everitt
Julia Fahey and Benjamin Rice
Joe Farber
Andrea and Marty Fassman
Cheryl Felice
Melissa and Craig Fels
Dr. Charles and Ellen Fishman
Anna Lou Fletcher and Fredrick Haggard
Eric and Brenda Forsyth
Frank P. Long Intermediate School Teachers
Rowen Frazer
David Frieman
Barbara Gallagher
Gateway Performing Arts Center of Suffolk County
Kathern Gaynor
Courtney Gerard
Gary and Elieen Gerard
Get Up Stand Up Paddleboard
Giovanni Naso Design of Bellport
Giovanni’s Pizzeria and Galeteria
Giuseppe Zanotti America Inc.
Louisa Gordon
Penelope Gordon
Violet Gordon
Governor’s @ McGuire’s Comedy Club
William and Carol Griffith
Amber Guiffreda
Gilbert and Barbara Halpin
Mandy Hoffman
Tim Hogan
Brenda Hollander
Sue and Rick Hornik
Ed and Katrina Hughes
Michael Ince and Abby Scott
Intrigue Hair Salon
It’s Only Natural
June Johnson
Dorothy Jones
Joan Kaelin
Susan Kahl and James Vaughan
Ted Kamoutsis and Mario Rodriguez
Karl Ehmer Pork Store
Roberta and Brad Karp
Kilwins Chocolates and Ice Cream
Waveney Klaiber
Knapp/Swezey Foundation Inc.
Barbara Knowles
Mike Kokell
Barbara Kouts
Kreamer Street Elementary Teachers and Staff
Kreamer Street PTA
Kreb Cycle
La Margherita Pizzeria
Sanford and Elaine Lacks
Frank Lento
Little Miss Workbench
George and Kathleen Loizides
Long Island Children’s Museum
Thomas and Consuelo Ludlam
Nancy Marr
Geof Marschall
Helen Martin
Karen Maust
Nicole and Roger May
Marilyn McKeown
Medford Pastaria
Eileen Mehrkens
Lynn Mercado and Jay Sylvester
Mary and Ben Mojallali
Jarithsa Molina
Colin Murphy
Liam Murphy
Phylis Natoli
Joann Neal
Nancy Norman
Craig and Blanc Nurnberger
Thomas and Elles Oversluizen
Painters’ Restaurant
Pamela Lerner Home and Design
Papa Nick’s Pizza
Jamie Papandrea
Emily Parry
Stacy Patanjo
Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts
David Pearl and Carol Tvelia
Antonio Pedatella
Peter’s on the Green
Greg Pilger
Pilger-Skidmore Associates Inc.
Catherine Oberg, Plaza Cinema & Media Arts Center
Grace Racaniello
Charlotte Rauch
Ella Rauch
Sarah and Guy Rauch
Erin Rawitch
Katia Read
Mairead Reitzel
John J Roe
Pete and Robin Roe
Karl Rohrmeier
Nathan Rohrmeier
Isabella Rossellini
Marilyn Runyan
Jim and Libby Ryan
Kathy Saladino
Mary Sanford
The Sangiamo Family
Joan Scanlan
Jan Shannon
Ruth Simon
South Country Cleaners
South Country String Band
South Country Tavern
South Ocean Grill
Larry and Eileen Sribnick
Irene Stahman
Darcy and Alan Stevens
John and Dava Stravinsky
Swezey Fuel Company
Swiftway Beer and Soda
Claudia Taylor
Hans Tempel
Monica Tetuan
The Adventure Park of Long Island
The Bellport Restaurant
The Cheese Patch
The Hero Joint
The Pines Liquor Shop
Marianne and Greg Thorvaldsen
James and Caroline Tripp
William and Patricia Tunney
Mr. Terry Tuthill
Jim Uzzi
Juliette Valenti
Maureen Veitch
Verne W. Critz Teachers
Duane and Myrle Wall
Paul and Mindy Warner
Jamie and Lorena Salcedo- Watson
Weight Room Plus
Cathy Seigel Weiss and Ken Weiss
Eugene Westoff
Tom and Ellen Williams
Eliza Ynoa
Steven and Maya Young
Kerry Young
Gary and Diane Zanazzi